What Is My Computer Name?

All UCOL computers have a unique name, and you will need to know this to use the Remote Desktop and VPN instructions on this page. You computer’s name is made up as follows:

  1. The code for your campus, either PN (Palmerston North and Levin), WG (Whanganui), and WAI (Wairarapa).

  2. The code for a desktop workstation (WS) or laptop (LT).

  3. The asset number, as per the barcode sticker on the computer.

  4. The UCOL network domain .ucol.ac.nz

For example, if you work in Whanganui and have a laptop with the asset sticker of UCOL12345, your computer name will be WGLT12345.ucol.ac.nz

If you work in Palmerston North and have a desktop workstation with an asset sticker of UCOL54321 your computer name will be PNWS54321.ucol.ac.nz

If you are unsure of this, or do not know the asset number of your computer, please contact the IT Help Desk.

UCOL Work From Home Remote Desktop

Use this method if you are connecting to your work computer from home.

VPN access to UCOL's network.

Use this method to connect a computer to the UCOL Network while off campus. This is not required if you are using the UCOL Work From Home Remote Desktop method.

Helpdesk Contact Info

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